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The year 2010 for Brunello di Montalcino is the greatest modern vintage of Italy’s most famous red wine region. Never have the wines been so profound in quality, character, and quantity from the best hillside vineyards of Montalcino.  I was amazed by the beauty, balance and intensity of the wines. They showed such energy and intensity yet were rich and deep on the palate.  They are incredibly drinkable yet structured at the same time – a true sign of great wine…you can enjoy them now but they will age gracefully and improve for decades ahead.  Vintages like this don’t come along very often” – James Suckling

Wines are subject to availability.

Altesino, Argiano, Banfi, Barbi, Bellaria,
Campogiovanni, Canalicchio, Caparzo,
Castiglion, Ciacci, Costanti, Fossacolle,
Il Poggione, La Fortuna, Mastrojanni,
Palazzo, Pertimali, San Filippo, Siro Pacenti,
Uccelliera, Valdicava, Villa I Cipressi

Brunello di Montalcino 2010 A Vintage of a Lifetime

Grower Champagne is fast overtaking white Burgundy as a collectible favorite for regular consumption, and has been vastly undervalued in the market, as many people are not yet familiar with all of the producers and their individual cuvees.
That has begun to change, as the major critics are now covering these wines with widespread interest.
Distribution is still fragmented though, and restaurantsommeliers (who often get the first look) tend to buy-up the available supply for their menu pairings and by-the-glass pours.

We are particularly interested in this category, which offers more quality-for-value and much greater long-term aging predictability than white Burgundy too.

For $40 – $80 / bottle, you have an enormous amount of food-friendly wines, with real depth and complexity, that will age and improve for 15+ years – read some of the reviews below, and see what the professionals say.

We’re pleased to offer a large selection of top-rated Champagnes, direct from the producer’s cellars and at very sharp prices.

Wines are subject to availability.

Henri Billiot, Nicolas Maillart, Ployez-Jacquemart, Rene Geoffroy, Vazart-Coquart

Grower Champagne The Selosse School and Beyond

“As to the 2015s [in the North], this is a truly sensational vintage that should not be missed by any Rhone lover out there. Let me say that one more time: 2015 is a truly sensational vintage.

Nearly every appellation has produced profound wines and the vintage is almost universally loved by vignerons. Marcel Guigal told me it was the greatest vintage he had ever seen.

Across the board, the wines possess saturated purple colors (sometimes with hints of blue), thick, unctuous textures, beautiful concentration and ripe, yet present tannin. In addition, the wines retain a sense of freshness and purity. At this point, the 2015s show more flamboyance and sexiness than the 2010s (tannin levels are similar), with slightly more freshness than the 2009s.

A number of vignerons compared the vintage to 1990, but for those of us with shorter tasting histories, the vintage comes closest in my mind to a hypothetical blend of 2009 and 2010.”
– Jeb Dunnuck, Wine Advocate

Wines are subject to availability.

Courbis, Johann Michel, Emmanuel Darnaud, Coursodon
Beaucastel, Janasse, Clos St. Jean, Bosquet des Papes
Vaudieu, Clos du Caillou, Mordoree, Vieux Donjon
Clos des Papes

Rhone Valley 2015 A Very Very Good Vintage

“2015 is a genuinely great vintage and it’s a great vintage from top to bottom…[these] are wines to search out and acquire.

In fact, in all my years of visiting Burgundy I have never seen a better vintage for wines at the bottom of the appellation hierarchy. To be sure, it’s great at the top as well but if ever there was a vintage to explore for value, it’s this one.

There are many intriguing aspects of the 2015 vintage but arguably the most impressive is how fruit that was clearly very ripe and had very little in the way of malic acidity, managed to produce wines that are so remarkably fresh
. Moreover, they do not drink like ‘hot vintage’ burgundies because they do not have particularly high alcohol levels, and the aromas, while definitely arising from the darker side of the fruit spectrum, are not roasted or particularly surmature.

So, as with every vintage, the two questions that take precedence over everything else always are: Should I buy the wines and if so, how much of them? As I observed at the very beginning of the 2015 vintage summary, 
the best wines are wonderfully refreshing, concentrated yet highly drinkable with solid but not aggressive tannic spines supplemented by  sufficient but not high acidities. They are balanced wines built for medium to long-term aging yet should be reasonably approachable young if youthful fruit is your preference.

As to longevity, the average upper level 2015 is built for mid-to longer term (and in some cases, very long-term) cellaring though as I also noted, many wines will very likely drink well on the younger side. By contrast some 2015s are unapologetically built-to-age and will require a minimum of 15+ years of cellaring before they will be reach their apogees. Moreover, there is a not insignificant segment of the 2015s (mainly the grands crus) that possess the scaffolding to improve over a very long period of time, which is to say 20 to 30 years or in a few cases, even longer. In general I would say that the average 2015 is more structured than its 2009 or 2010 counterparts but somewhat less structured than its equivalents from 2005.”

– Allen Meadows, Burghound

Wines are subject to availability.

Ponsot, Vogue, Trapet, Groffier, Anne Gros
Michel Gros, Clos de Tart, Faiveley, Drouhin
Jadot, Harmand-Geoffroy, Albert Morot
Clos de la Chapelle, Pousse d’Or 

Red Burgundy 2015 The Greatest Since the Legendary 2005

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